Centos 6 versus Centos 7

 I used CentOS 7 fo a while but after one day of struggling I went back to 6.7 after I noticed that a lot of the software that I used wouldn't work at all with 7.

CentOS 7 is still rather buggy, and not everything works quite right with it. I'd suggest using CentOS 6.
 CentOS 6.7 is usually more bug free because it's been stabilized, CentOS 7 has new features which cause bugs, I personally noticed issues with CPU usage with it when doing parallel processing. 

 Centos 7 has SystemD and updates which is fine but the interface is slower and more cluttered. Software RAID 1 obviously does affect the CPU usage a little but it is not huge.
Centos 6 still has a few years of support left so its still a viable option for someone needing a good stable operating system.
In my opinion the production environment is different, you don't upgrade to the latest version of something because its newer, you do it if there is a need for it.

So whether you are new to Centos or have been using it for a while, its probably still best to stick with Centos 6.7 for the time being.

Theres a decent video on installing the minimal version of Centos 6 or you can check out the written tutorial here. You can download the installation ISO for Centos 6.7 at this mirror.

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