Centos 6/RHEL partitions and directory tree

It can get confusing when manually making partitions and mount points as to what should be assigned to where, but it is fairly straightforward to do.

Below is an illustration of a typical directory tree for a Linux system.

Linux Directory Tree
 It does not matter where a directory is in a hierarchy, it can still be mounted according to taste and below is an example of partitioning and mounting a 250GB Hard Drive.(Approximate values)

/boot                  800MB         ext4

swap                  2200MB         swap

/                   20,000MB         ext4

/home              215,000MB         ext4

You can see that the home directory is mounted to a much larger space than others as it is likely to contain more users whereas the top '/' of the tree typically just has a root directory so does not require as much space.

The above is if we are using standard file-system types as opposed to the Logical Volume Groups. Below are some points to remember about the Linux operating system.

Linux does not have any drive letters.

See also an analysis of the individual directories.

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