Centos 6/RHEL install Copy Cloud Storage Client

Copy is a cloud storage solution which aims to rival Dropbox. It offers considerably more free storage at 15GB with an extra 5GB available if you install additional apps or give recommends, so much more free storage is available if needed.

It has a number of different clients to use on your Centos 6 box but the one we use here is the QT based GUI/Tray client called CopyAgent demonstrated on the Live CD, as my usual Centos Minimal Fluxbox system is currently in repose, hopefully I will get it back shortly. It is available in both 32 and 64 bit formats.

To use it on Centos 6 or RHEL create a free Copy account using your regular Email address. Once done you can download the Copy app for Linux from the link provided. You can install it on your standard setup or even on the Centos Live CD and it works fine on either. It has a command line client in addition to a GUI.

Once your account is created you will see the link for the Linux app in tgz format, so download it to your home folder, open up a terminal as root and cd to your /opt directory

$ sudo su

# cd /opt

# tar xzf /home/centoslive/copy_agent-1.35.0524.tgz

Now cd in to the /opt/copy/x86 (or x86_64) folder to run the setup installation file.

#  cd /copy/x86

#  ./CopyAgent

Copy setup screen Centos 6

 Copy cloud storage installation Centos 6

Copy cloud storage installation Centos 6

Copy cloud storage PDF guide Centos 6

This will create a folder on your computer called 'Copy.'
As long as the Copy application is running and you are logged in to your account, any file you place in the “Copy” folder will automatically upload to the cloud and be accessible via Copy.com and any other computer that you have running Copy.

The contents of your Copy cloud storage folder can be shared by simply right clicking on the file and selecting a share option, either Public or Private, the file will be available for download via the link address given to you. This a particularly welcome and useful feature, enabling easy and controlled file sharing.

So if you need a little more storage than you have already, head over to Copy and grab your free 20GB. It can be run together in tandem with Dropbox on Centos so you can compare the two services if required.

Fluxbox users can  see Fluxbox key bindings for more.

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