Centos 6/RHEL install & use Dmidecode

Dmidecode, or Desktop Mangement Interface, is a very useful tool for finding out details of the system hardware on your Centos 6 or RHEL box. 

Dmidecode outputs information about your hardware as recorded in the BIOS. You can also obtain the information about maximum supported system configuration. This includes model name, serial number, BIOS version, asset tag and other details depending on the manufacturer. This will often include usage status for the CPU sockets, expansion slots (e.g. AGP, PCI, ISA) and memory module slots, and the list of I/O ports (e.g. serial, parallel, USB). Important to note is that it does not scan your hardware but reports what information the bios holds on it. It should be run as root user.

It is in the base repo so just

# yum -y install dmidecode

# dmidecode --string baseboard-manufacturer                
Dell Inc.

# sudo dmidecode --string processor-manufacturer

# dmidecode --string processor-frequency
1800 MHz

Valid string keywords are:

Or you can specify individual components using -t or --type or even a comma separated list of type numbers.

# dmidecode -t processor   (edited output)

 Version: Intel(R) Celeron(R) CPU          430  @ 1.80GHz
        Voltage: 0.0 V
        External Clock: 200 MHz
        Max Speed: 4000 MHz
        Current Speed: 1800 MHz
        Status: Populated, Enabled
        Upgrade: ZIF Socket
        L1 Cache Handle: 0x000A
        L2 Cache Handle: 0x000B
        L3 Cache Handle: Not Provided
        Serial Number: 
        Asset Tag: 
        Part Number: 
        Core Count: 1
        Core Enabled: 1
        Thread Count: 1
                64-bit capable

# dmidecode -t memory

Handle 0x0027, DMI type 17, 27 bytes
Memory Device
        Array Handle: 0x0024
        Error Information Handle: Not Provided
        Total Width: 64 bits
        Data Width: 64 bits
        Size: 1024 MB
        Form Factor: DIMM
        Set: None
        Locator: DIMM3
        Bank Locator: 
        Type: DDR2
        Type Detail: Synchronous
        Speed: 667 MHz
        Manufacturer: 0000000000000000
        Serial Number: 071002C5
        Asset Tag: 000000
        Part Number: 128X64M-80E

# dmidecode -t connector   (edited output)

Port Connector Information
        Internal Reference Designator: Not Specified
        Internal Connector Type: None
        External Reference Designator: VIDEO
        External Connector Type: DB-15 female
        Port Type: Video Port

Handle 0x001C, DMI type 8, 9 bytes
Port Connector Information
        Internal Reference Designator: Not Specified
        Internal Connector Type: None
        External Reference Designator: AUDIO
        External Connector Type: None
        Port Type: Audio Port

Handle 0x001D, DMI type 8, 9 bytes
Port Connector Information
        Internal Reference Designator: Not Specified
        Internal Connector Type: None
        External Reference Designator: ETHERNET
        External Connector Type: RJ-45
        Port Type: Network Port

Each keyword corresponds to a list of type numbers which can also be used individually.

Commonly used parameters as a string are

The following additional numbered types are available

Type   Information
      ------ -------------
          0   BIOS
          1   System
          2   Base Board
          3   Chassis
          4   Processor
          5   Memory Controller
          6   Memory Module
          7   Cache
          8   Port Connector
          9   System Slots
         10   On Board Devices
         11   OEM Strings
         12   System Configuration Options
         13   BIOS Language
         14   Group Associations
         15   System Event Log
         16   Physical Memory Array
         17   Memory Device
         18   32-bit Memory Error
         19   Memory Array Mapped Address
         20   Memory Device Mapped Address
         21   Built-in Pointing Device
         22   Portable Battery
         23   System Reset
         24   Hardware Security
         25   System Power Controls
         26   Voltage Probe
         27   Cooling Device
         28   Temperature Probe
         29   Electrical Current Probe
         30   Out-of-band Remote Access
         31   Boot Integrity Services
         32   System Boot
         33   64-bit Memory Error
         34   Management Device
         35   Management Device Component
         36   Management Device Threshold Data
         37   Memory Channel
         38   IPMI Device
         39   Power Supply
# dmidecode -t 4
Is the same output as
# dmidecode -t processor 

Pipe the information using head

# dmidecode -t 4 | head -26

SMBIOS 2.5 present.

Handle 0x0004, DMI type 4, 40 bytes
Processor Information
        Socket Designation: Socket 775
        Type: Central Processor
        Family: Celeron
        Manufacturer: Intel
        ID: 61 06 01 00 FF FB EB AF
        Signature: Type 0, Family 6, Model 22, Stepping 1
                FPU (Floating-point unit on-chip)
                VME (Virtual mode extension)
                DE (Debugging extension)
                PSE (Page size extension)
                TSC (Time stamp counter)
                MSR (Model specific registers)
                PAE (Physical address extension)
                MCE (Machine check exception)
                CX8 (CMPXCHG8 instruction supported)
                APIC (On-chip APIC hardware supported)
                SEP (Fast system call)
                MTRR (Memory type range registers)
                PGE (Page global enable)
                MCA (Machine check architecture)

$ man dmidecode

$ dmidecode -h

for additional details.

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