Centos 6/RHEL install Kmod Nvidia Drivers

Setting up your Nvidia Graphics Card is a little easier thanks to the Kmod driver packages available from the Elrepo repo. These are the Nvidia drivers repackaged using weak-updates so that they can be used by any Centos 6 kernel. It is a simple process to use these as they can be installed using yum from the repo, and require very little in the way of configuration.

To install, first obtain the Elrepo package, install it and set it up as you prefer. Then install the package with

$ sudo yum -y --enablerepo=elrepo install kmod-nvidia

Reboot the system to start using the nvidia drivers.

Once the package is installed, unlike with the Genuine Nvidia Driver there are no other steps such as blacklisting the nouveau drivers, you simply have to run

$ su c 'nvidia-settings'  

To fine tune your configuration.

A straighforward way to install drivers for Nvidia.

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