Centos 6/RHEL install Print pages to PDF for Firefox Web Pages

Not strictly for Linux but a very handy tool nonetheless, a Web Page PDF Printer Plugin for Firefox. There are probably a number of occasions when you view an article online and want to download it to save, but the only format available is a html page. Print pages to PDF is a handy Firefox Plugin which facilitates the downloading of suitable articles in PDF fomat.

Based on Wkhtmltopdf, QT and Webkit, it is a powerul little tool for converting chosen pages to PDF. All that is required on Linux is the X11 client libraries, which you will have if running a desktop. So as you can see below just drop it down from the toolbar as and when you need it. Capture the page and put it away.

You can add a button to the toolbar menu if you use it on a regular basis, so pdf on speedbutton is available. So head over to Print to Pages and get your PDF button. If you need Firefox also then version 20 for Centos/RHEL with some cool features is available below as PrintPagestoPDF won't work on later versions.


Firefox20 64bit 

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