Centos 6/RHEL install QtWeb Browser

A clever little free open source browser from the LogicWare and Lsoft people is QtWeb Browser.

Based on Webkit and Nokia's QT frameworks, it is a fast and secure browser with a veritable multitude of useful features built in to it. It is cross platform and usable from a USB drive so you can carry it around with you if necessary.

Some of the features include
Adding it to your Centos /RHEL box is just simply a case of downloading the Linux variant from the QtWeb site unzipping and chmodding it to execute.

$ unzip QtWeb-elf386.zip

$ chmod u+x QtWeb 

Run it with                          

$ ./QtWeb

It runs surprising smoothly on a minimal Centos box and it packs some formidably useful features into it's tiny frame (13mb).

With tools including Web Inspector, Compatibilty, Privacy and built in Torrent client it is not dissimilar to Mozilla Firefox in features but seems to run a shade quicker.

Remember that to obtain Flash, Java etc plugin functionality it is best to have Firefox installed beforehand.

QtWeb on Centos 6/RHEL shown above with the compatibility views available in the dropdown box top right using a HTML5 Template courtesy of Free HTML5 Templates.

The QtWeb project builders are refreshingly disarming and the impression you get from them is that it is just 'something thrown together during coffee break' but I'd give it a little more credit than that.

There are also portable versions available for Linux and Windows
which run from a USB drive so you can carry it around and hook it up to other portable apps like editors, image programs etc, which you can put in it's folder on the drive. These are true portable versions which work straight from the drive without installation
and are faster than other portable browsers. The built in torrent functionality is especially useful in the portable version effectively enabling you to download torrents on any computer.

So head over to QtWeb and take a look at it, you might get a pleasant surprise.

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