Centos 6/RHEL install Gnumeric Spreadsheet tool

Gnumeric, the GTK based free GNU licensed spreadsheet tool from the Gnome project is a surprisingly useful application if you do a lot of spreadsheet work on Linux.

It is fast, lightweight & Excel compatible with an enormous
function inventory, many of which aren't in the Microsoft version. 588 functions, 196 totally unique to Gnumeric is an impressive list by most individual's standards. See Function reference

Gnumeric includes an array of features allowing users to create interesting and informative graphs, thus maximising the effectiveness of a presentation. The graphs are easily customisable to add or change features such as titles, labels, fonts, backplane, count etc by right clicking on the plot and selecting properties. The graphs are much simpler in appearance
than in Excel but they succeed in conveying the message.

The graph can be downloaded as svg, jpg or other formats.

To quote the Gnumeric developers 'Gnumeric aims to be the best spreadsheet available', a bold claim in the light of heavyweight competition from Microsoft and others but if you are using Linux or you dislike the 3D graphics in Excel post 2007 then it can be a useful tool to have on your desktop. Features such as text file import and others are included with it.

Gnumeric is in the standard Epel repo so as long as you have it installed you can simply issue the command

$ sudo yum -y install gnumeric               run it with

$ gnumeric

See Fluxbox key bindings to add keyboard shortcuts.

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