Centos 6/RHEL install Brother DCP 135C Printer

If you are searching for a printer to use on your Centos 6/RHEL box then you could do significantly worse than the Brother DCP 135C. It produces fine quality prints, has the obligatory scan/copy/photo capture functions and more importantly it has drivers cross platform including Linux, which you can find at the Brother web site.

To install the DCP 135C on Centos 6/RHEL you will need 2 driver packages, the LPR and cupswrapper, in rpm format although available in deb format if using a Debian based distro.

So download them and install with 

$ sudo rpm -Uvh *.rpm

Make sure the Cups program is installed although likely it got done when you first built your system.

$ sudo yum -y install cups

Now switch on your printer and browse to localhost:631 which will bring up the Cups management screen

Use the root password and click on adding printers

Your printer should have been detected if the drivers installed correctly and should appear in the list of local printers.

Check the box which shows your printer and continue

Follow the screens which are pretty self explanatory until the installation is completed. The above procedure should be fine for other Brother printers and other brands, providing you can get the drivers for them.

You should now have an online printer set up and ready to go.

There is also a shell script available which sets up the printer and does a test print out should you wish to use it.


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