Centos 6/RHEL install Dillo Browser

Dillo is a fast lightweight browser based on FLTK (fast light tool kit). Written in C and C++, it is known for its small footprint and lightening fast rendering of web pages. It has a novel bug meter for detecting bugs and contributions from new developers are encouraged. Although there is deliberately no support for images and scripts it is nonetheless a useful addition if you are looking for a featherweight browser without going the text based route.

To install Dillo on your Centos 6/RHEL box, first make sure you have kernels and compile tools sorted as in this tutorial.

Download FLTK      (need 1.3.0 +)
Download Dillo     (latest recommended)

Both to your home directory, get dependencies first, you need
openssl and an --enable-ssl flag on configuring.

$ sudo yum -y install openssl openssl-devel

$ sudo su

First build the FLTK source files

# cd /usr/src

# tar xvf /home/<user_name>/fltk-1.3.0-source.tar.gz

# cd fltk-1.3.0

# ./configure

# make && make install

# cd              and remove the install files

# rm -rf /usr/src/

Now install Dillo

# tar xvf /home/<user_name>/dillo-3.0.2.tar.bz2

# cd dillo-3.0.2

# ./configure --enable-ssl

# make && make install

# cd              and remove the install files

# rm -rf /usr/src/dillo-3.0.2

# exit           

Run it with 

$ dillo

See Fluxbox key bindings for more information.

Dillo's page rendering is sometimes strange due to lack of image and script support but if you can live with that it is a very fast and useful browser.

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