Centos 6/RHEL install Isomaster

Isomaster is an excellent free program for manipulating iso files in Linux. Many distros include it as standard kit.

You can build it on Centos 6 if you have the build tools and kernel set up properly, so fix the kernels if necessary. 

Download Isomaster into home directory.


Move to /tmp

$ cd /tmp

$ sudo su

# tar xjf /home/<user_name>/isomaster-1.3.9.tar.bz2

# cd /isomaster-1.3.9

# make

# make install

# cd                              out of build directory

# rm -rf /tmp/isomaster-1.3.9     delete build files

# exit                            to unprivileged user

Run it with

$ isomaster

Fluxbox users can put in their /home/<user_name>/.fluxbox/keys file

Mod1 i : ExecCommand isomaster

To run it with 'Alt i'

See Fluxbox key bindings for more.

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