Centos 6/RHEL install Transcoder Video Converter

Install Transcoder using Alien

If you have been looking to find a suitable video encoder which works natively on Linux you might like to try Transcoder, a free video converter using GTK+ for the GUI and ffmpeg for the encoding.

After a few trial runs it has become quite a useful addition to a minimal desktop even though I use command line programs a lot. It has all the basic functions needed to encode video to an array of formats and works out of the box as provided by the developer (after conversion of deb files to rpms)

Transcoder encoding vob to mp4/aac(h264) w aspect ratio change

There were no problems whatsoever with a vob file converted to Xvid/mp3, mp4/aac(h264) and flv/aac(h264) so it should be versatile enough for most users.

Hard core ffmpeg and mencoder afficiados prefer to encode on the command line which is fine if you have taken encoding video to an art form and it is extremely important that you have complete control over the process. If however, you just want a quick and undemanding GUI which works well as a native app on Linux, then Transcoder is well worth a look.

I have provided links below to Transcoder rpm packages in both 32 and 64 bit format if you don't like the idea of using alien.

These are conversions from the vendor's deb packages, if you prefer to convert your own then read on.

You could also compile your own if you are an advanced user although this means uninstalling the standard ffmpeg/libmp3lame libraries and hunting down/compiling new ones, which, as is often the case with video editing programs, can be tedious and time consuming unless you are an actual developer of the project.

So we are going to use the binaries provided, or as stated above, rpms converted with Alien from the deb packages available.

First get a likely dependency

$sudo yum -y install yasm

Note: Use Alien at your own risk, it is NOT a supported package

Now, if you want to use alien to convert the deb packages yourself, download 

alien-8.81-2.noarch.rpm               install it

$sudo rpm -Uvh alien-8.81-2.noarch.rpm  

Then, go to


and download the appropriate deb package for your architecture

$su                             to root

Convert it with the command

#alien -r <deb_package_name>            

Which will generate an rpm package

#exit        to normal user and install the new rpm

$sudo rpm -Uvh <rpm_package_name>                

$Transcoder                     will run it (Upper case 'T')

Fluxbox users can put a line in the keys file

$vi /home/<user_name>/.fluxbox/keys      

Mod1 t : ExecCommand Transcoder

Hit Alt+t to run it             or symlink to Desktop

$cd Desktop

$sudo ln -s /usr/bin/Transcoder

See Fluxbox key bindings for more if using it.

Thats it

In case you have any problems converting the debs you can download the rpms below and try them.

Users of Debian or Ubuntu based systems may be able to use the deb packages on the Transcoder site.

These were converted for Centos 6/RHEL 6 



Post back if you have any problems with the rpms

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