Centos 6/RHEL install TrueType Fonts

You can add extra fonts in Centos 6/RHEL quite easily and I've made available a 60mb pack of them for this purpose.


Download it to your home directory and unzip them.

$ unzip Fonts.zip

They are mainly truetype so make a directory called truetype

$ sudo mkdir /usr/share/fonts/truetype

Copy them over

$ sudo cp /home/<user_name>/Fonts/* /usr/share/fonts/truetype

Then add them to the cache

$ fc-cache /usr/share/fonts/truetype

To view the new fonts run a program such as Gimp, Libreoffice, Beaver, Gedit and many others

You can repeat the process if you have fonts from elsewhere.

If you have Java installed you can download and run Opcion (get the .jar file)

$ java -jar Opcion_v1.1.1.jar

And that gives you a list of all the fonts.

To make them available in Java/Eclipse 

$ sudo vi /home/<user>/.bashrc

See vi or vim commands


Save and source the file

$ source /home/anton/.bashrc

Now the fonts are available to Java.

Eclipse with new fonts (SteppesTT selected)

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