Centos 6/RHEL Netbeans Ide installation

A short post on installing Netbeans Ide on Centos 6/RHEL or similar based rpm distros.

Netbeans is a free multi-platform IDE from Sun and encompasses a wide range of web technologies, including Java, Ruby, PHP, C++ and quite a number of others.

The latest edition of Netbeans has full support for HTML5, CSS and JavaScript. It now includes an HTML project wizard which allows you to select popular boilerplate templates and JavaScript frameworks.

It is very straightforward and simple provided you have the Sun Java JDK installed. I recommend following the JDK install guide if you haven't.

Once Java is installed go to http://netbeans.org/index.html and download the install pack to your home folder.

I used the Java EE version, chmod it u+x

$ chmod u+x netbeans-7.2.1-ml-javaee-linux.sh

to make it executable, then run the file.                     

$ ./netbeans-7.2.1-ml-javaee-linux.sh      

Make any selections you require and proceed.

Install it to ~/.netbeans-7.2.1

(A hidden folder in your home folder)

At the end you will be asked to submit usage information.


Open the program by clicking the icon it placed in your Desktop folder (if using Fluxbox) or on your Desktop (using gnome or similar)

Allow it to download junit before you proceed.

A large selection of plugins is available also.

Fluxbox users can also add the path to their ~/.fluxbox/keys file, the path being in this case


See Fluxbox key bindings for more.

Centos 6 repos 

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